The Family That’s There For You!

Cynthia Lawson

Cindy is the Primary agent and owner of the Cynthia Woltz Insurance Agency. Coming to the table with over 30 years of experience she is the expertise that we depend on. As a former member of the Nationwide Agent Advisory, and Co-op Marketing President for the North Eastern region she comes fully equipped for any problem or issue that may arise.

Jeremiah Woltz

Jeremy has been a member of the agency for over a decade but many of our long term clients remember his presence well before he joined us officially. As Cindy’s son he has grown up in the agency and as a third generation agent comes with natural experience that is hard to rival.

Maggie Cady

Maggie joined us in 2013 and has been a staple at the Jamestown location ever since. She has become “the voice” of the agency as she is the one you usually hear first. Striving to offer the nicest and most professional customer experience has become her driving force within the agency.

Victorian Doucette IV

Vic joined us in 2020 and is the newest member of the team. As the new business specialist he is the first line of defense in making sure you are finding the best coverage for the price. His focus in searching for the best product for his clients has separated him from the competition by leaps and bounds.

Sandra Cotton

Sandra was a former agent of the Fredrick Meka Agency and continued to stay on as that agency transitioned over to our family. She has been an integral member of our team and can’t remember what it was like without her.

Joanne Eberth

Joanne joined our agency in 2017 and was formerly the new business specialist within the agency. With a passion for saving people money Joanne has been promoted to the customer retention specialist and has taken on the mission of assisting our existing clients to make sure they are in the best place for their needs and budget.

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